National Integrity and The Growth of Ethnic Identities

Document Type : Research Paper



The Synchronical growth of two seemingly contradictory phenomenons is in these two decades very surprising. On the one hand, we can see "Globalization" process in culture, economic markets and political-law modes. On the other hand, there is ethnic differences and focus on fundamental group identity and ethnic royalties in many regions and stales. Contrary to prediction of many experts of development and international observers in 1960s and 1970s, wide scale modernization doesnot contribute to decline of local and ethnic sensations. Causes and quality of ethnic identities in many different areas of world, and correct ways of dealings with pluralistic process which is forming in cultures and identities, is the question attracts social scholars. In this article I want through debates on nationalism and ethnic nationalism, present an appropriate framework for studying ethnic nationalism and its formation. By using of Anderson and other constructionist theorists - who believe in forming the national and ethnic identities in collective mode- I propose that ethnic sensities (though inactive and asleep) under influence of different internal and external factors with intellectual and the other famous ethnic figures, can be made collective at once and questions nation integrity of countries.