Arab Ethnicity and National Identity in I.R.Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Historical develop/net of societies from primitive formation towards advanced one is gradual. Each phase of this development has it"s special idendity-knowing process. Nation-States are now the great unit of human societies formation, the world population are divided in unites with political geography, state and certain nation. In some parts of the world national state-making have a long record, and this issue made most of them able in overcoming on national identity-knowing. But in some countries, such as Iran National state-making has a short record, and we should have some difficulties in this way.In this article with presenting some discussion about Identity,national identity and its elements, forming process of national identity, and a model for elements that are effective in national identity-formation, the author pays attention to evaluating the tendency of Arab ethnicity in Khuzistan with regard to national identity in Islamic Republic of Iran.

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