The Capacity Of Iraqi Political Groups To Use Violence And Its Control Strategies

Document Type : Research Paper



According to the theory of “Douglas North”, the existence of multiple centers of power in a country and their competition for obtaining benefits or maximizing their benefits and their capacity to use violence against each other, disrupts the development process. Using North's theory, the main question of the article is: "What is the capacity of Iraqi political groups in terms of violence and what are the strategies to control violence in Iraq?" To answer the research question, this article used library resources to collect data and descriptive-analytical method to analyze the findings. The findings of the article show that "the capacity of Iraqi groups to use violence against each other" in the process of "distribution of benefits" is high, and the most important way to control this capacity, which is considered one of the main obstacles to development, is the "referee" factor. The "referee" factor can guarantee the stable process of development in the transition period and provide conditions for Iraq to be on the verge of becoming a developed country based on the local definition of development by monitoring the process of distributing benefits.


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