Guide for Authors

  • After the article is registered by the author, it will be reviewed by the editorial board of the quarterly for a maximum of one month. The editorial board evaluates the article in terms of form and content in general, and according to the subject of the articles, expert judges are selected for the full evaluation process of the article. If the article lacks scientific-research criteria, lacks innovation, or is not among the priorities of the quarterly, it will be removed from the evaluation process by the editorial board. After the review of the article by expert referees, the articles are either removed from the acceptance process, or recognized as acceptable, or their acceptance will be subject to corrections (total or partial) by the author and re-review. Considering that the editorial board meeting is held at the end of every month, the result of the initial evaluation will last at least one month for the author.
  • It is mandatory to include the name and acknowledgment of the sponsor of the articles if financial resources are used to write the articles.
  • The authors are committed that the submitted article has not been published in any domestic or foreign publication and will not send the article to another publication until receiving the final answer. Along with each article, the responsible author must send the completed form of the commitment letter of the authors, which has been signed by the responsible author. The journal will not review articles that have not completed and submitted the author's commitment form. Get the pledge form here.
  • There is also an author commitment and conflict of interest form, an article submission checklist (writing structure) that the responsible author must complete and confirm all the mentioned items before submitting the article. Download the author commitment form, conflict of interest and article submission checklist (writing structure) here
  • According to the request of the Scientific Publications Commission of the country, it is mandatory to register and display the free researcher identifier (ORCID) for the authors of the articles. Therefore, respected authors are requested to obtain the researcher ID code before sending the article to the journal.