Publication Ethics

Ethical principles of article publication

  1. The articles must be the result of research and scientific work of the author or authors and in the specialized field of the quarterly.
  2. The author must avoid any plagiarism and seriously observe the principles and rules of scientific work in the field of research.
  3. When submitting an article by the author, the article or part of it should not be published in any journal inside or outside the country at the same time.
  4. The author or authors believe in national interests and security and comply with its requirements in their research work.
  5. The authors are responsible for the correctness of the content of the articles.
  6. The quarterly is free to edit, summarize or modify the received articles.
  7. Quarterly editors are committed to impartial review of articles and do not discriminate in the various stages of receiving and evaluating articles.
  8. The Quarterly does not give any special privilege to any person or article and reviews the articles solely based on scientific principles and criteria.
  9. The referees are committed to impartial evaluation of the articles and review and evaluate the articles only based on scientific and professional criteria.
  • In the field of publishing ethics, Strategic Studies Quarterly follows the latest statement of the Publication Committee (COPE) and uses matching systems, including the following, to measure compliance with publishing ethics and prevent scientific and literary plagiarism. slow.