The Strategic Relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the Islamic Republic of Iran (2000-2011)

Document Type : Research Paper



The importance of the relevant issues and variables involved in the foreign relationship between the countries are different to each other and their influence is not equal. While some are not of much significance, some others effect national security and are of the vital interests of the countries. This papers aims at analyzing the effective elements of the strategic relationship between the I. R. of Iran and the UAE through constructivism.  In this way, other than a theoretical analysis and illustration of the foundations of the UAE’s foreign policy, the main issues studied in this paper are as follows: Iran-Arab regional competition in new Iraq, Territorial disputes between the two countries, Iran’s nuclear activities, the revolutionary movements in the Arab world especially in Bahrain and finally the economic relationship between the two countries. The findings of this survey proves that in spite of some major disputes between the two countries, there exist a strategic kind of relationship between them that lessens possibility of unilateral actions with the other’s cost.  None of the two countries can secure its own interest without paying due attention to other’s interest. Other than mutual dependence due to geographical proximity, are dependent to each other in the economic, social and cultural areas which has been created and strengthened during the last three decades.              


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