Keywords = Human rights
Biden's Foreign Policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 23, Issue 4, March 2021, Pages 225-252

Firoozeh Radfar; Sayyed Jalal Dehghani Firooz Abadi

The Saudi Arabia’s Legal System and Human Rights in the Country

Volume 20, Issue 75, April 2017, Pages 57-82

Hassan Aalipour; Mohammad Yekrangi

Role of the Responsibility to Protect in Ensuring Human Security

Volume 18, Issue 68, August 2016, Pages 85-102

Alireza Arashpour; Seyedeh Manijeh Jafari

The Police and Training Citizen Rights

Volume 12, Issue 44, September 2009, Pages 47-71

Naser Alidoosti

The Legal Management of protest crowds

Volume 10, Issue 36, September 2007, Pages 349-379

Hasan A'lipour

World Regimes and the Change in the Status of Ethnic Movements

Volume 7, Issue 23, June 2004, Pages 89-107

Mir-Qasem Bani Hashemi