Peer Review Process

  1. Paper Acceptance Procedure

    • Once a manuscript is submitted by an author, it undergoes a review process by the journal’s editorial board, which takes up to one month. The board evaluates the paper based on its form and content, and depending on the paper’s subject matter, selects expert reviewers for a comprehensive review. If the paper does not meet scientific research standards, lacks innovation, or does not align with the journal’s priorities, it will be excluded from the review process.
    • After receiving approval from the editorial board, the paper is sent to two reviewers for review. The journal employs a double-blind review process, ensuring that the identities of both the authors and reviewers remain unknown to each other.
    • The decision-making process during the review stage is as follows:

    - If both reviewers deem the paper to be unacceptable, it will be rejected.

    - If one reviewer recommends a complete revision while the other deems the paper unacceptable, the paper will be rejected.

    - If both reviewers recommend a complete revision, the paper will be returned to the author for revisions. Once corrections are made, the paper will undergo another review by the same reviewers.

    - If one reviewer recommends a partial revision while the other deems the paper unacceptable, it will be sent to a third reviewer. The final decision will be based on the third reviewer’s opinion.

    ● The review and evaluation process for each submitted paper typically takes between three to four months, with the entire process, including acceptance, printing, and publishing, potentially taking up to five months.