Standard Title Abbreviation: SRQ

Frequency: 4 issues per year

Language: Persian (abstract in English)

Average review time: A maximum of three months

Acceptance rate: 25%

Access type: Open access

Peer Review Policy: Double Blind Peer Review

Submission Fees: Yes



  • Before submitting your paper, please make sure to review our ‘Guidelines for Writing the Paper’ and ‘Paper Acceptance Procedure’ to ensure that your submission meets our requirements.
  • To partially offset the costs of review and publication, authors whose papers are accepted are required to pay a fee of Thirteen million Rials "13.000.000 IRR". The remaining publication costs are covered by the Research Institute of Strategic Studies.
  • If necessary, authors can follow up on their papers through the the ‘Bal-e’ messenger or Telegram at +989371553513.

● To uphold the intellectual rights of others, authors are required to verify the originality of their work by using a similarity checker system. The publication of accepted papers is contingent upon the submission of the relevant certificate.


Current Issue: Volume 26, Issue 4 - Serial Number 102, March 2024, Pages 1-118 

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