Keywords = Economic security
Transparency and economic security; Functional analysis of intelligence Services

Volume 24, Issue 94, January 2022, Pages 177-217

Najafali Shahbazi; Ali Foroutan Ramy; Behrooz Sadeghi Amroubadi

Paradigm shift in the meanings and implications of the concept of security

Volume 24, Issue 91, June 2021, Pages 7-29

Salman Sadeghizadeh

Impact of Fluctuations in Financial Markets on Oil Prices and Iran's Economic Security

Volume 21, Issue 80, September 2018, Pages 101-134

Mohammad Jafari; Abbas Shakeri; Teimour Mohammadi

The effect of budget deficit on economic security of Iran

Volume 16, Issue 60, August 2013, Pages 91-124

Ali Sayadzadeh; Eiman Farjamnia; Afifeh Hajarian; Bahman Taheri

Human Security in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 11, Issue 41, December 2008, Pages 545-571

Farzad Poursaeed