Genealogy of Strategic Studies in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Strategic Studies in Iran has developed interacting with the socio-political developments at the national, regional and international levels, and changes in the factors have affected the formation and nature of the data. Given the knowledge-power relationship, the author argues that as a result of transforming the Pahlavi regime to the Islamic Republic at the national level, changing the Western Regional order to the nonwestern, and transformation of the international system from the Cold War to the post-Cold War era, has increased the possibility of formation and development of an indigenous Strategic Studies based on the Islamic-Iranian teachings than the past. In fact, studying the formation and evolution of Strategic Studies in Iran based on a Constructivist approach, the author is intended to show how, through the transformation of internal, regional and international relations of power, the ontological foundations of Strategic Studies in Iran and consequently, the epistemological and methodological foundations of the study has converted in a way to provide an indigenous approach on the field based on the Islamic-Iranian elements


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