International Systems Based on Single Power: Unipolarism, Hegemony and Empire

Document Type : Research Paper



Although, so far, the international system has not witnessed absolute domination of a single and only one dominating power in all political, social, military and cultural aspects, many theoretical attempts have been made to explain possible situations for such a system. The main question of the present study is: "What are possible theoretical forms for an international system based on axis of a superpower and what are its characteristics and the way of interaction between the actors inside that system?" Many of the papers in this field believe that only Unipolar and Hegemonic systems are qualified with the characteristics of a Single Power System.  The present paper, while surveying these two types of international system, is introducing another Single Power System which is Empire System (different from its traditional model). Therefore, the author attempts to study and compare the logics of internal relationship, interests of dominant power and nature of social relations (structure of social network) belonging to each of the above three models.   


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