Relationship between Human Security and Sustainable Development

Document Type : Research Paper



As two paradigms, Human Security and Sustainable Development approaches, gained importance in the post-cold war era, with the leading role of UN organizations. Proposing these paradigms, suggests that the scholars and researchers had observed some inconsistencies in the former paradigms of security studies. Then in a near look, this becomes evident that these paradigms criticize the similar subjects (such as state-centred strategies for obtaining security and overlooking the true needs of human beings, neglecting the environmental dimension of security and rights of future generations) and propose some similar guidelines(giving priority to human individual in the evaluating and preparing the list of threats, focusing on protecting the Environment and its importance in the securing the health and security for human beings and the well-being and the life quality of future generations, taking into consideration the newer threats, especially threats of the global scale, and paying attention to the political arena and participation, poverty and threats it causes).   Then, it can be argued that, there will be many overlaps and similarities between two paradigms, among others these paradigms rest on common tenets (society, economy and environment), although with some nuances in emphases. In this paper, after investigating the content of two paradigms, the lessons that these two can learn from each other will be discussed and it will argued that according the aforementioned arguments , these two can be merged in a comprehensive and single paradigm which probably will be called “Sustainable Human Security” paradigm.


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