The Security Strategy of the Alavi Government

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The fact that theories find different positions when they are linked with power turning them into strategy leads us to make a distinction between the status of practice and the status of theory. On this basis, in this article the author examines the strategic aspect of Imam Ali's (Peace be upon him) security theory after he assumed responsibility of administering the affairs of the Islamic society. In so doing, he proposes an analytical framework based on distinction between the idea of security and the organization of security. On this ground, he views "the power-oriented nature of security" and "secularization of security" as two serious harms inflicting the security strategy in the Islamic society. This is the reason why the Alavi government's security strategy becomes institutionalized in response to these two harms and refers to the "eradication of power from security" and "making security religious” so that security finds its deserved meaning and status.In an article series on the Islamic theory of security, the author tries in this article to present certain evidence that indicate the determination of Imam Ali to restrict the sphere of the presence of power in the definition of security and liberate the capacities of the Sharia for the establishment of security in the Islamic society


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