Keywords = Islamic Republic of Iran
The model of religious democracy and national security

Volume 17, Issue 64, September 2014, Pages 35-64

Ali Karimi male

Strategic culture of Islamic Republic of Iran: Affirmative context and principle criteria

Volume 14, Issue 54, February 2012, Pages 135-162

Gasem Torabi; Alireza Rezaee

Efficient Actors in Future Iraq: Interests and Scenarios

Volume 13, Issue 47, June 2010, Pages 37-58

Mohammad Ali Gasemi

Human Security in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 11, Issue 41, December 2008, Pages 545-571

Farzad Poursaeed

The Modern Terrorism and The Islamic Republic of Iran's National Interests.

Volume 9, Issue 34, February 2007, Pages 821-856

Farzad Poursaeed