The Modern Terrorism and The Islamic Republic of Iran's National Interests.

Document Type : Research Paper



The new wave of terrorist actions, so called the modern terrorism, at the best one was appeared in September 11 2001. In respond to September 11 attack and confronting with it, U.S. was transformed the operational environment to the Middle East region that overlapping with the Islamic Republic of Iran's national security environment. So it is necessity to explore the modern terrorism and determining its threat on the IRI's national interests. What is distinguishing the modern terrorism that the components such as identity – based, the globosity, inciting and one dimensioned and its distinct manner is the assassin operations. If this new wave is threaten the IRI's national interests, it could be effectively affect on the national characteristics in the domestic dimensions and ideological approach of IRI in the regional environment.Here author is suggesting some recommendations for preventing and confronting with these threats such as covert action with induced current, embraced controlling and managing of mass media, substitute process management on crisis management, preventing the nuclear terrorism and choosing the open combat in the necessary.    


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