Keywords = Justice
Judicial Efficiency and National Security: Dynamism of Judicial Thinking vs. Stability of Judicial Process

Volume 21, Issue 82, March 2019, Pages 93-120

Hassan Aalipour; Saeed Rezaee; Saham Sedaqati

.A Framework for Evaluation of Cultural Justice in the Iranian Provinces and Regions

Volume 20, Issue 78, April 2018, Pages 103-128

.Malouk . Seyed Abadi; .Ibrahim .Hajiani; Afsane Zamani Moghaddam

Justice and National Security in Islam

Volume 16, Issue 61, December 2014, Pages 33-56

Asghar Eftekhari

Environmental Justice and National Security

Volume 16, Issue 61, December 2014, Pages 113-130

Morad Kaviani Rad

Security and its Pre Values in the Islamic Political Thought

Volume 13, Issue 50, February 2011, Pages 35-62

Faramarz Taqilou; ali adami

Relationship between Geographical Equity and National Security

Volume 9, Issue 32, September 2006, Pages 275-297

Morad Kaviani-Rad