Relationship between Geographical Equity and National Security

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    Equality constitutes the essence of justice. Equality means the right of individuals to enjoy similar rights in using existing material and spiritual opportunities found in the society in order to foster their capacities and potentials. Every phenomenon that has specific spatial diffusion is regarded as belonging to the study scope of geographical sciences. Spatial dimension of most of human-made phenomena is a function of political system in securing justice on the nationwide scale. National security is a function of (political, economic, cultural) interactions within and beyond the territory. Political system as the agent of the state seeks to formulate and implement strategies and plans, which reflect the spatial needs of the society. Hence, the function of government in increasing or decreasing related to justice can play the essential role and can pave the way for heightening or lowering national divergence or integration in the category of geographical equity.   Geographical equity puts emphasis upon distributive aspect of justice in light of area   discrepancies at the national level, keeping balance in relations between humankind and the environment, enjoying equal opportunities by citizens and reducing the adverse impact of unjust distribution of chances and possibilities in the domain of national territory while keeping the category of spatial diffusion at the center.


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