Geographical Foundations of Iranian Culture

Document Type : Research Paper



The formation of geographical settings that are able to accept human communities is affected by (absolute and relative) geographical location. Environmental diversities coming from location disparities cause the emergence of different cultures. Environmental capacities play a crucial role in condensation, dispersion and pattern of interaction of human communities. Human as a being in possession of creativity and intellect has tried to create his own desired environment proportional to his environmental capability.   This article seeks to explore consequences of environment on human communities’ culture from the perspectives of determinism and voluntarism and to examine the influence of environment and geographical location in Iranian culture. This study indicates that the conditions derived from relative/absolute location, pattern of diversity and disparities arising from such location conditions have made Iranian culture develop certain characteristics which give rise to instability and unrest. Hence, the geographical foundations of Iranian culture are rooted in a kind of instability; an instability that has shaped Iran’s historical developments. The article emphasizes that the formation of Iranian culture has been largely determined by the (absolute and relative) location and that environmental determinism has played a part in instigating such manners as practical and doctrinal despotism in Iranian culture.


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