Towards a Sociology of Security

Document Type : Research Paper



What is real security and how it may be acquired? To answer this question requires reconsideration of previous thinkers’ theories particularly those proposed by thinkers of the realist school, which seek security under the shadow of a strong state with huge military equipment within the frameworks based on coercion and violence. The author maintains that such definition will bring about increased insecurity. Therefore, in order to achieve real and lasting security, current concepts on security must be revised and it should be sought in more fundamental processes such as cultural values, socialization processes, consensus and collective cooperation. In other words, it should be looked at from a sociological perspective. Hence, this article is of both analytical and prescriptive nature and answers the question that which parameters contribute to the sense of security and what sociopolitical and economic relations are more likely to create maximum security for individuals, nations and the entire earth planet. To do so, the author proposes and extrapolates the concept of security within a sociological and simultaneously holistic framework in order to include three individual, national and international levels. In his view, this inclusive perspective needs the explanation of the relationship between the two categories of ideology and border in its sociological version.


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