An Epistemological Survey on National Security Question: Imam Khomeini’s Viewpoint

Document Type : Research Paper



Delving into Imam Khomeini’s views and thoughts, the author analyzes Imam Khomeini’s epistemological foundations which are either consistent or inconsistent with the territory-based concept of national security and the cognitive relationship between those two foundations. That is because it is of the utmost importance to explore the relationship between national security and the concept of territoriality that seeks to preserve society, population, citizens, and the political regime governing a specific territory, and universal religions and the thoughts of religious authorities who claim the management, direction and improvement of the world.   The author acknowledges that Imam Khomeini may not be simply regarded as a scholar of security studies, but he also believes that he still attracts the attention of political scientists, practitioners and intellectuals as a political leader as well as an intellectual reformer. Belief in his intellectual achievements and attachment to his political teachings continue to shine as an essential source in thinking and updated policy-making. Now the question raised here is what the place of territory-based concept of national security is in Imam Khomeini’s thought system. Furthermore, how can this concept be located in his viewpoints in a meaningful and justified way, and what are the epistemological bases of Ummah-centrist tendency and nationalism in his outlook?


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