The Greater Middle East Plan and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s National Security

Document Type : Research Paper



This article aims to extrapolate the contents and essence of the Greater Middle East Plan ad to analyze the causes, motivations and objectives thereof in order to discover its impact on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s national security. In other words, the author intends to answer the following main and secondary questions: What are the US reasons, motivations and objectives in proposing this plan? What is the place of this plan in the US national security strategy, Middle East policy and national role? Why does the democratization process begin in the Middle East under the international conditions governing the post-September 11th period? Which are the theoretical foundations underlying the Greater Middle East Plan? What are the security repercussions and effects of this plan for the Middle Eastern countries and societies? Finally, what security challenges and opportunities will the materialization and implementation of this plan bring about for the Islamic Republic of Iran?The probable answer to these questions will be studied within the following hypothesis: “The Greater Middle East Plan as one of the central directives and measures in the US preemptive strategy and the focal point of its grand national security strategy which is intended to counter asymmetrical threats while creating various security threats and challenges, will provide opportunities for the preservation and consolidation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s national security.”


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