Towards Pluralistic and Extended Security

Document Type : Research Paper



On the eve of the new century, security especially in European countries has received new significance and extended areas compared to traditional perception namely military security. This change mainly means that other areas of social and political relations have gained significance in security terms. On this basis, the development of security concept does not indicate the extension of military dimension to other spheres of international relations but signifies the flexibility of hardcore of security toward the new forms and dimensions of security-building. That is to say, the enlargement of the domain of security concept’s purview is a theoretical transformation which has occurred following international developments including the fall of the bipolar system and the end of the Cold War and has been founded upon the relationship between new concepts like soft security and security core. Conclusively, military aspect of security constitutes the hardcore of this concept and particular arenas of security like environmental security have surrounded it and made it flexible. Within this context, this article argues that a pluralist and broad interpretation of security concept takes shape according to communicative action and covers in its agenda questions like the scope of security, subject of security, agent of security and interpreter of security.


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