Development of the Concept of Humanitarian Intervention in International Relations

Document Type : Research Paper



This paper focuses on developments of the concept of humanitarian intervention through the prism of theories of International Relations. Humanitarian intervention as a rule is a difficult experiment for the international community which is mainly based on principals of sovereignty, non–intervention and not to use of force.  With the globalization of human rights and paying special attention to prohibition of genocide, torture and breach of basic human rights, this humanitarian principal is in conflict with the principals of sovereignty and non– intervention. In the mean time, this concept has experienced a deep change prior to and after the Cold War era. Here, first the concept of intervention is addressed with using the theories of Realism and Liberalism. Then, while using the theory of Constructivism, the concept of humanitarian intervention, as a normative, value-based and international rule is discussed and finally the development of the concept of humanitarian intervention is illustrated, as a whole, in International Relations.


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