A Study of Relationship between Social Capital and Social Security

Document Type : Research Paper



Social capital, a product of the formation and establishment of values, norms, traditions, customs and regulations in a spontaneous way within the context of social interrelations, provides the ground for active and positive cooperation, trust and partnership in social life by people. In this way, social capital prevents individuals from entangling in abnormality, deviations and crimes as manifestations of social insecurity and providing a kind of meaning security for individual. This securityinteractions in time in a social framework, gives meaning and orientation to individual behaviors thus playing a critical part in social security by underpinning regulated behavior. This articles deals with the relationship between social capital and social security from the perspective of social security in giving meaning tocapital should be maintained and enhanced by strengthening civil society vis—vis the state interventionist policies in order to confront the crisis of social security.

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