Money Laundry as a Threat to National Security

Document Type : Research Paper



The threat of money laundry to national security particularly where the phenomenon is committed in an organized manner through electronic media, results   from crimes that are made mainly through banks and other financial institutes will include the entire of financial and economic system like a net at the stage of integration and solving. Consequently, due to diversity and plurality of financial exchanges, the net grows every moment and poses a serious menace to economic security. Money laundry is also located at the continued chain of criminal acts and their resultant benefits. In continuity of the chain, money laundry is committed by professionals in the most vulnerable parts of the financial system assisted by legal loopholes. The author of the article seeks to explain the huge impact of money laundry on national security, emphasizing its precise and meticulous criminalization in order to not only prevent the preceding crimes, but also preclude the confusion of commercial and banking relationships in an aura of conflicting concepts (legitimate and illegitimate). The situation of money laundry in Iran becomes clear as aided by this specific criminalization and a firm bulwark is established against the dirty money resources notably the revenues of drug trafficking.


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