Functional Challenge of Strategic Information in the 21st Century

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The information age involves fundamental changes and gaps in the interpretation of strategic information. Although the role played by strategic information can be clarified by a category called decision, and the futurist approach in strategic decisions is the vital conditions for strategies, but its function includes two direct aspects: First, the recognition and evaluation of all intelligence news which have a bearing on the existing conditions, and second analyzing, concluding, and producing information that can prevent strategic surprise in one way or another in the future. This imaging in the information age makes us recognize the characteristics of information age and explain the functions of strategic information, while identifying the challenges to its processing in the information age. These challenges in turn include challenge in the type of information, challenge in the producer of information, challenge in the space of information analysis, challenge in the type of client, and challenge in the types of threats. The author concludes that in the new era, the domain of surprise especially with regard to threats without the threatening agent is tremendously more salient, more sensitive, and more efficient.


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