The Developments of Anti-US Positions in the Russian Foreign Policy; the Putin's Foreign Policy

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During the Ex- USSR, any foreign policy either for or against theUSA, has had a direct effect on the kind of behavior of elites and political groups in theUSSR. This frequent effect has been inevitably transmitted to the postUSSRera and still has similar effect. During the Yeltsin's era given various disorders in this country, this effect appeared in the shape of distinct periods of interaction and antagonism. However, during the Putin's era, especially in his second term of office, theUSAwas introduced as the main obstacle in revival of theRussian Federationand therefore the anti-US policies were escalated to the much possible extent. Thus in the aftermath of experiencing failed convergence with theUSAwithin the framework of pragmatic conservatism and then within the pragmatic offensive framework, the approach of "direct resistance" against theUSAwas adopted. Focusing on the Putin's era, the author of this paper intends to discuss the nature of these trends.


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