Two Discourses of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Rights

Document Type : Research Paper



At the world level and in general trends regarding attention to ethnic affairs, two general courses can be identified. The first is a course that pay attention to the  cultural diversity and supports it and the second is a course to which the idea of a single state, a single nation and a single language is still attractive. Previous ideas and notions to the effect that diversities will fade out in the process of industrialization and modernization were refuted and even in some  cases the demographic proportion of minority groups increased. The conjunction of the aforementioned trends along with postmodern thoughts that have questioned the foundations of the modern thinking and its meta-narratives such as nationhood led to the rise of the idea of cultural rights of minorities and ethnicities. However, in the Third World countries and such regions as Eastern Europe, certain factors have caused the negation of such rights and violent treatment of advocates of cultural diversity rights. These factors include the persistent attractiveness of a coherent and homogenous nation, the prevalence of conspiracy theory, regional problems, and a misperception of the globalization process.


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