The Religious Zionism and its Strategic Role in Israel’s Foreign Policy

Document Type : Research Paper



Although the Israeli government has a secular nature, Zionism is increasingly prevailing its internal and external affairs. Using the theory of securitization, the paper addresses religious Zionism orientation, as belief of minority but with strong voice, of the Israeli government with increasing status which in turn is a result of identity crisis and security vulnerabilities; so it has been the dominant and comprehensive discourse of the country and has been successfully radicalized its foreign policy. In this way, Netanyahu's administration has been opposing establishing a Palestinian government and increased pace settlements with no restrain from use of violence against the defenseless people of Palestine. Implementing this policy, Israel is not taking peace lover position anymore and has adopted an intrusive approach against its peripheral environment.  Although this policy may lead to more convergence in short term in Israel, however, in midterm, it can result in more isolation and vulnerability of Israel.


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