Strategic Foresight and regional policy with emphasis on scenario planning approach

Document Type : Research Paper



This research discusses future development of East regions based on national perspective and province development foundational theory. The theoretical frame of this research is normative paradigm in upper range document advocate approach. First select 14 main factors and 54 situations for 14 factors were added that cover province development foundation theory dimensions. In order to prepare province future scenario by forming 54Í54 matrix and using development specialists, five scenario with strong probability, 19 scenario with high probability and 291 scenario by low probability were extracted that practical basic of this thesis was analysis of 5 scenario with strong probability and 19 scenario by high probability. According to results, applying province development foundation theory and above mentioned. Perspective document goals is impractical In the possible best scenario only some parts of goals are partial From total  19 scenario, only 2 strong scenario show province condition in proper way in future years, in other scenario the analyses indicate improper situation and crisis.


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