Theoretical reflection on findings and difficulties of "Barry Buzan" in security studies

Document Type : Research Paper



Abstract: the main problem of this article is to analyze findings and difficulties of Barry Buza's researches in security studies. The question of article is: what is the role of Buzan in development of security studies and what are his theories paradoxes and ambiguities? Author assumes some ambiguities and paradoxes in Buzan thoughts and  his hypothesis is that, Buzan has developed security studies by proposing the need to pass from strategic studies to security studies, emphasizing on social/political aspects of security, and specially discussing mysterious nature of security in international system. Meanwhile Buzan's arguments and conclusions about societal security, source of security, regional level of analysis, and securitization/de-securitization weakens validity and generalizations of his findings.  Methodology of this research is "text based hermeneutics. According to this method, we first explain the theory and then criticize it.


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