Relation of ethics and security: possibility of ethical security

Document Type : Research Paper



Abstract There is a lack of sufficient focus on ethics in security studies, because ethics (morality) traditionally is defined as a science of self (self-conscience), while security mainly is considered in social and political arena. Meanwhile, redefinition of ethics (morality) can be very helpful in construction of safe and secure life.  Ethical security as discussed in this article, doesn’t want to depend security studies on morale concepts, rather tries to help it in making safer life. Ethical security is not a new resource of security beside other sources, but is a good reference for security studies. Ethical security  can be useful  in every type of security and also can prevent contradictions among  different types. It also can be used in domestic and international level of security. Ethical approach in security studies, by focusing on social and political responsibilities for security agents, prevents securitization of normal issues and ruining national interest.