Deviation from Neo- Ottomanism and the Coup d'état in Turkey

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  of the paper believes that the July 2016 Coup in Turkey is a result of deviation from Neo-Ottomanism and its prototype model. In fact the concept grew up after 2002 in the following models: Aspirational model, Optional Activism, Forced Activism and finally Coward Teenager model at domestic and external levels and actually the coup was led by the three latters along with a deviation from the first, aspirational model.
President Erdogan actions against the coup although will weaken the civil society but will not eradicate it at all. They will just delay civil society's advancement.
Erdogan' policies to realizing a prototype Neo-ottoman political system will face a contradiction and in a very near future they will loose in favor of the civil society. Erdogan' era from now on will have to focus on internal crises while being passive in the field of foreign policy.


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