The Economic Costs Of Terrorism In Western Asia: An Analytical Survey

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This article will focus on the economic impact of terrorism in the Middle East and analysis the manner of terrorism affected on economic issues and trends in the region. The article main question is how terrorism has affected on economic situation in the Middle East? Terrorism is a destructive phenomenon and has negative effects and consequences on different functional sectors and spheres including economy. According to this Assumption, the article hypothesis is that terrorism has imposed a significant costs on the Middle East region by destruction the physical, humanitarian, social and cultural infrastructures and also increasing the uncertainty and created a security-oriented condition. That’s helped to continuity of backwardness in this region.


Main Subjects

پورسعید، فرزاد (1385)، تروریسم نوین و منافع ملی جمهوری اسلامی ایران، فصلنامه مطالعات راهبردی، سال نهم، شماره چهارم. 
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