A Review of Development, Changes, and Prospects of IAEA Safeguards With a Focus on JCPOA

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The scope and implementation of nuclear safeguards have undergone massive changes and developments, which has resulted in a change in the principles and objectives of the nuclear non-proliferation regime and stricter control on peaceful nuclear programs and, in some cases, has even influenced the countries' sovereignty and security. The Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as a special international agreement, has an important and decisive role in the process of the transformation and development of nuclear safeguards. Iran is one of the countries that have faced certain challenges in the international arena in recent years due to the development and strengthening of nuclear safeguards. Given the impact of the mentioned changes and the continuation of international efforts to strengthen these safeguards, it is necessary and inevitable for the country to devise and pursue a strong strategy in regard to the international process of the strengthening of nuclear safeguards in the world.


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