The Inter-subjective Foundations of Identity in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



According to the constructivism, the states are not like economic actors who make decisions and behave due to the consequence logic, but they are social actors who have act based on relevance logic (their own identity). Therefore, to appreciate the foreign policy of the states, first one should bear in mind the Inter-subjective foundations of their identity; the foundations that can influent the shape of the identity and lead towards a special behaviour at the national and international levels. The purpose of this paper is to study the Inter-subjective foundation of identity in the Islamic Republic of Iran mainly in the domestic level. Accordingly, the author argues that these foundations are divided in two separate categories, however, with mutual influence. The first category contain the norms and doctrines which are originated totally from the religious-Islamic and especially Shiite sources and the second category are attitudes and understandings with the political culture of the Iranian people.


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