The Relationship between Geopolitical Security and Sustainable Development; the Case of Uremia Lake

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Through criticism of traditional approaches and by raising environmental concepts, the critical geopolitics has appeared as the critic of environmental destructive models of development. In this way, the concept of interest based on modernity and hard ware approach along with the attempt to meet the increasing needs of the population has led to destruction of the environment the result of which has appeared in the form of environmental crises. Therefore, the assessment of the durability of the environment has faced sever challenges. This paper’s data are showing that like other countries, inIranthe development oriented thoughts have not paid enough attention to durability of environment. The estimates are signifying that theUremiaLakearea has been decreased due to natural and human factors. And if this situation continues, theLakewill get dried and this will lead to disastrous consequences. Thus, the relevant plans should pay attention to the human factors and shift of the model of plantation as well as subsistence pattern.



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