The Concept of Faith Oriented Security in the Holy Quran

Document Type : Research Paper



This paper aims at raising a Quran based concept of security. This kind of security is based on the belief in God and is extracted from the Holy Quran which is the words of the God. According to the hypothesis of the paper, the security refers to the belief, because the belief is one of the main core concepts of the Holy Quran which in turn is the foundation of the mundane and the hereafter life. However, the Holy Quran provides a raison d'être of security that is linked to the philosophy of creation and descent of humankind and leads to a special kind of anthropology without of which neither the study of aspects and faces of security nor  the recognition of security regulations could be possible. Based on the relevant aspects and rules of security in the Holy Quran, this paper compares this kind of security with the current concepts of security including national security and finally it shows that there are many similarities between these concepts.


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