The Security Uses of Anthropology according to Transcendent Wisdom

Document Type : Research Paper



Development of Islamic and indigenes a human science is subject to use the Islamic philosophy rather than the Western philosophy. In this way, the Transcendent Wisdom has an excellent capacity. Recently, the security studies has been remarkably developed inIran, however, there has been no acceptable efforts to study security through the prism of Islamic philosophy and specially Transcendent Wisdom. This paper aims at introducing the security uses of anthropology based on four masters of Transcendent Wisdom, namely, Sadra, Tabatabai, Imam Khomeini and Motahari. And the author argues that based on the foundations of Transcendent Wisdom and specially the anthropological aspects which are studied in this paper, instead of Science of Security we should refer to Security Sciences, as with any anthropology, a special science of security can be developed and that is why there are three relevant patterns including, Transcendent, Customary and Low one.      


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