The Relationship between Expedience and Security According to Shiite Jurisprudence

Document Type : Research Paper



The Shiite Jurisprudents are looking at the expedience through the Jurisprudence perspective and for them it is a requirement for Sharia and also recently for legitimacy of the Islamic government. In fact, ranking the expedience’ elements, according to the Shiite jurisprudence, has some obvious implications with regard to political, social and cultural security.  However, to comprehend those implications, one should be well aware of the relationship between expedience and security. Two kinds of relationship have been differentiated; longitudinal relationship based on substitution of one of the elements instead of the others, the undesired implications of which can affect the triple references of security, namely political, social and cultural.  If this trauma is recognized, it can lead to lateral relationship based on combination of the triple elements of the expedience which in order to meet and guarantee a balanced security environment, it prescribes some theoretical and practical requirements. This kind of relationship is based on Sharia and a timely and contextually dynamic understanding of Jurisprudence which comprises core of this paper’s hypothesis.


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