Conceptual Relativity of Terrorism According to Jurisprudence

Document Type : Research Paper



A survey from  an outsider view at the jurisprudence indicates that the so called term of Islamic Terrorism has been globally promoted based on two approaches. First, terrorism is based on belief and attitude of some of the Muslims. Second, the Western countries have labeled some Muslims with the title of Islamic Terrorism. Apparently, they consider terrorism as a threat against security and democracy; however, they use this label as an instrument in their leadership of the world. But looking at Jurisprudence from inside shows that terrorist acts apart from the thinking behind them or the motivation to globalize it, is considered as criminal and condemned acts; because the main element of Jihad is face to face fighting and respecting its rules and not to surprised attacks and killing the innocent people and properties.  However, there is no an independent title for terrorist acts; although due to its implications it is identical to rebellion and belligerence.


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