Intellectual Typology of the Contemporary Islamic Movements and its Political – Security Implication in the Muslim World

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The Islamic movements contain divers and different features which can be studied from several aspects including formal, organizational, intellectual, ideological, aims and interests, historical and geographical environment, performance, movement and etc. This paper intends to study the intellectual typology of these movements through raising the following questions: How many fraction they are? And what are the implications of these fractions? In this regard, the author believes that identity revival, as one of the main concerns of the contemporary Islamic movements, has a very close relationship with the security of the Islamic world, however, the way of revival by these movements depends on their different views on the issue of identity. Given the potentials of jurisprudence and Kalam, it seems that it is only the Islamic rationalist movements based on Ijtihad that can provide an alternative political model in the Muslim world and develop holistic and sustainable security thereof.


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