The Islamic Salafi Discourse and Globalization of Security in the Middle East

Document Type : Research Paper



The main goal of this paper is to study the influence of the Salafi discourse in the Islamic world on the security in theMiddle Eastand like the Baabi Sa’eid’s approach towards the political Islam, the author uses the discourse methodology in this paper. Due to its radical position against the secular western discourse, the Salafi Islam has caused grave concerns for the international society. This discourse, given to its challenges against the western international order and moving forward the Islam – identity based approach, has drawn great attention under the issue of globalization of security and therefore, Salafi Islam has been one of the important topics in the international security studies. In this way, the hypothesis of this paper is as follows: “given the origins of the Salafi Islam discourse in theMiddle East, and in the light of its proliferation in the world, the security of this region has been globalized”. With the globalization of the security, discourses like the Salafi Islam has appeared in the virtual spatial and therefore its security readings have been much more visible in the literature. Wherever the Salafi Islam matches with the globalization, we will witness greater promotion and spread of an epistemology which believes that the Western discourse cannot provide proper security.


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