The Ummah – Nation Dialectic in Imam Khomeini’s Views

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The principles of classification and the boundaries of Islamic thought and political jurisprudence is drawn based on belief and accordingly, the world is divided in two territories Darulislam (land of Islam) and Darulkufr (land of infidelity). On the other hand, in the contemporary world, the Islamic countries are divided into too many nations.  The way of compatibility between this division and the Islamic United Ummah has attracted the attention of many Muslim thinkers and they have offered some solutions to this dichotomy. Imam Khomeini believes that Islamic Unity is the solution for this problem. For him, if the Muslims throughout the world, inspired by the Islamic Revolution, are awaken (and acquire the Islamic truth) and put aside the minor and sectarian differences and establish an Islamic government, due to the proximity of their beliefs, rules and purposes such a close relationship will appear among them that a new entity will emerge as if only one government rules in the Muslim World.


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