The Theoretical Elements of National Authority in Islamic Foreign Policy, with a Focus on Imam Khomeini’s Thought

Document Type : Research Paper



The paper aims at analyzing the elements of national authority, in the field of foreign policy, based on Imam Khomeini’s doctrine and thinking. Utilizing documentary and descriptive methods, this paper examines the main hypothesis based on Imam Khomeini’s thinking. In fact, the paper shows how Imam Khomeini, as a politician and jurisprudent has raised the elements and general principals of national strength in the field of foreign policy.  Based on the main elements of Shite social thinking, namely, “God Oriented” and “Task Oriented”, Imam Khomeini’s views in the field of foreign policy comprises the following components: Nafy –e- sabil (Denial of Rule of Infidels), Anti-oppression, Islamic Dignity and Religious Lordship, and Invitation to Muslim Unity.


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