The Spatial Analysis of the Environmental Risks and Ecological Crises in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The political, cultural and economic structures have got increasing role in ecological developments. The existing data and findings are indicating the scope of devastative role of the human beings in degradation of the environment at the local as well as global level. As an implication of this role, the human security has been challenged globally and the environmental crisis has emerged in the multilayer security situation and finally the balance of the environment has been disordered. Unfortunately, the trend of the environment degradation has been increasing inIranduring the recent decades; as such we are the worst in some cases. Most of the above results are due to geographic location and topography of the land inIran, less attention to sustainability of the environment in planning and construction of the buildings, public unawareness and weak attention of the governmental organizations. Therefore, it seems that continuity of this situation, at least in the next two decades, will face the country with durable, costly and long lasting security challenges.


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