The Spatial Layout of the Urban Networks and Demographic Planning in the 2022 Prospective, the Case of Azerbaijan

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During the recent decades, regional equilibriums and balanced distribution of the population have been one of the great concerns for the planners and regional development thinkers. In this way, cities as the main place of habitation and the most effective place in population movement, has got a significant position. Therefore, the main question of the paper is as follows: what is the optimized amount of the population in the cities? And how the population of a region can be equilibrated? Predicting the population in cities of the district of Azerbaijan within the 2022 Prospective and its planning based on rank – amount modification model appropriate with the elasticity and anthropy of the urban network, the author suggests the optimized amount of the population of the Azerbaijan cities and consequently to create an equilibrated spatial, he introduces the required policies to increase or reduce the rate of population growth in Azerbaijan.


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