Salafism in Iraq and Its Impact on Islamic Republic of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Salafism is one of the most important ideological events in the history of Islam. Its supporters insist on the necessity of the Salafist approaches, trends and movements based on the feghi literature. They reproduce this literature in accordance with the current events.Iraqthat has a critical geographical and geo-political position and close mutual relations with Iran, has been confronting Salafism since its formation. So, after USinvasion, it has become a nest for the Salafist activities. These activists that can be considered the most prominent non-governmental actors in the present events of Iraq cooperate with other Salafi groups of the region and the world. The writer discusses the developing role and activities of these groups and their geo-political and ideological impact on Iran considering the growth of Salafism in the years after 2003.


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