Power Balance in Caucasia with Regard to the changes in Turkey- Armenia Relations

Document Type : Research Paper



Power balance in Caucasia following an extension in Turkey- Armenia relations shows that the necessity of decreasing international pressure, entering EU, providing energy transportation security, having more influence on Caucasia and creating a safe region have caused Turkey to extend its relations with Armenia. On the other hand, some strategic ends like decreasing its military and economic dependence onRussia, removing economic sanctions, exiting geopolitical isolation, managing its internal crises and providing regional security, have madeArmeniato develop its relations withTurkey. Such an evolution can change the existing power balance in the region. A change in the geopolitical parameters like the formation of new coalitions, new regional order, evolution of security mechanisms and arrangements, Gara Bag crisis, energy economy, energy security and economical cooperation in the region are the consequences of the new power balance.


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